Bring the exotic serenity of the far east to your backyard with a custom Koi pond. We use the surrounding landscape to guide the architecture of a great Koi pond, we’ll meet your design expectations and ensure that your pond will flourish into maturity by taking into consideration all aspects of it’s surroundings as well as extreme weather exposure.

This is apart of Our Koi Pond Construction Philosophy.
When creating your unique exotic Koi pond designs we work with top Koi experts in the industry to bring you the best care for your fish as well as utilizing sophisticated technology to promote health and growth of the Nishikigoi or Japanese Ornamental Carp and manage water quality.

We will work closely with you in constructing beautiful Koi pond designs that promote the health of your fish, bringing the particular energy and atmosphere you envision to your property. A koi pond’s shape, edging materials, position and construction techniques are created in a way to generate a desired scenic effect.

Koi Ponds

Components of a Koi Pond

Skimmer :

This allows water to be drawn from the surface of the pond, by collecting leaves, pollen, twigs, uneaten food and other types of floating debris.

Bottom Drain :

These are particularly useful in a pond that does not have rocks on the bottom, this allows the heavy solids to be carried to the mechanical filter.

Mechanical Filter :

The job of this filter is to trap solids, preventing them from clogging the Biological filter.

Biological Filter :

Converts the nitrogenous wastes from the fish. This cycle is called the nitrogen cycle. These filtrations are critical to the health of your fish, we help you choose the right one.

Ultraviolet light :

This is used to make algae flocculate (form into clumps), so that they can be removed by mechanical filtration.

Water & Air Pumps :

Circulate water through a filter system and back into the pond. Proper back pressure, and pump sizing is vital for optimal functionality.


Whether you imagine the exhilaration of rushing water or watching the evening light play off of a gently trickling cascade, we will work with you to design your dream waterfall. Waterfalls are one element of our pondless design selections. This custom designed selection also includes pondless streams, and stunning fountains.

Waterfalls are essentially a re-circulation of falling water or stream without the presence of a pond. This can be an ideal option for families with small children who want to safely add the sights and sounds of moving water to their landscape. Pondless Designs can be tucked into any corner of your landscape and are an ideal option for adding curb appeal near the front door.

Our pondless designs add compelling sights and sounds to your outdoor living space as well as help to aerate the water, providing better water clarity to your landscape.

Streams add variety and intrigue to your landscape. From a lazy, babbling brook to a swift, energetic current, streams are created to suit the mood you desire.

Sculptured fountains add stunning elegance and class to your custom landscape or timeless grace to a drive or walk-way.

We work closely with you to design your perfect escape.

Would you like a thundering waterfall to help drown out traffic noise?

Would you prefer a gentler, smaller pondless design to lull you into tranquility?

Whatever your need, we’ll design the right one for you. Whether you’re interested in adding exciting energy, or tranquility we will take into consideration every aspect of the architecture to bring your vision to life.

From completely natural looking waterfalls to dramatic contemporary designs, our expertise & experience will bring your vision to reality.

Larry is very passionate about his work. He will remain on the job until it is done and works correctly. He is honest and has one of the best eyes for creating a natural looking waterfall or pool. He is also meticulous about the materials he uses and makes sure that everything is working properly. I would highly recommend Larry for any waterfall, pond or pool.

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