It’s that time of the year! If you are a koi pond owner, then you know how exciting spring is. After a long winter, koi are ready to come out and play, flowers are beginning to bloom, and you can finally enjoy your pond again. However, before the season officially begins, make sure your pond is ready by giving it a full spring clean out. Not only will you appreciate its beauty much more after it is cleaned- your fish will love it too!

It is important to clean out your pond at least once a year. Over time, ponds collect large amounts of silts, sediments, and heavy organic matter that need to be filtered out for many reasons. Aside from making your pond more visually appealing by removing the excess debris, koi pond cleaning can help reduce the diseases and parasites that often occur when pond water warms up. It also helps reduce the amount of algae by removing nutrients that stimulate algae growth. However, the main reason for cleaning out your pond is that it will make it a healthier and safer environment for your fish to live in.
Why should you clean your pond in the spring?

For several reasons, spring is the best time of year to get your pond cleaned out. Ponds collect large amounts of fallen leaves and debris over the course of fall and winter, so there is a lot of organic matter to be removed. It is also important to get your pond cleaned out before the summer heat causes the pond water to heat up. As mentioned before, diseases and parasites often occur when ponds filled with heavy organic matter get warmer. If you don’t clean out out your koi pond in summer, you could be making it a dangerous living environment for your fish.
How to give your pond a spring cleaning.

The best way to filter out a pond is by removing the water and fish, flushing out the excess debris, and then replacing the water. However, in order to keep the fish healthy and happy, it is best to recycle the original water from the pond. The water itself is safe and clean. The purpose of cleaning the pond is to remove organic materials from the bottom of it- not to replace the water. This is also better for the fish because it helps acclimate them by not stressing them with temperature or PH changes.

While cleaning koi ponds is something you can do yourself, it is not an easy task and requires expensive equipment. It is best to lean on the help of a professional koi pond cleaning service. Click here to learn more about our pond cleaning services.



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