Natural Swimming Pool Design and Construction

Design Your Dream Backyard

At Reflections Water Gardens, we excel in designing and constructing beautiful water features, including Koi ponds, natural pools, and waterfalls

Prior to construction, our team of experts works closely with you to consider existing property features. Doing so allows us to preserve the surrounding environment as we move through the backyard design process. 

With this approach, each design combines our clients’ personal tastes with our expert planning to create the perfect natural sanctuary. Our process is simple.

Design and Construction

The Planning Process

Step 1: Get in touch with Larry, our water garden expert, to discuss installing a unique water feature in your backyard. 

Step 2: Speak more in-depth about creating your natural sanctuary with Larry. Together, you will brainstorm and explore every option before Larry begins a formal design.

Step 3: Secure our water feature design services with a retainer. Each retainer varies and will be determined by Reflections based upon the scope of the project.

Step 4: Review 2D renderings and image proofs created by Larry. Upon approval, a project budget will be set.

The Construction Process

Step 1: If needed, Reflections will work to find an engineer to obtain topographical surveys and assessments. In addition, we will obtain bids from all necessary contractors and any necessary permits from governing bodies.

Step 2: Upon deposit payment, construction dates will be set. Reflections will seek client approval for any changes to budget or structural/design changes deemed necessary during construction.

Step 3: Enjoy your oasis of tranquility!

Design and Construction

Your water feature will be constructed to withstand the changing of seasons and the most severe weather conditions. Every property is unique and we have the experience and expertise necessary to properly evaluate your grounds and plan the most optimal construction of your water feature. Rest assured that every feature will be built with every necessary consideration for the features of its surroundings to ensure its proper function and seamless integration into your environment.

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