Design :

Reflections Water Gardens excels in designing and constructing beautiful natural backyard water features that sit in perfect balance with your existing landscape. We take into consideration every feature of your property and its needs while working closely with you to bring your creativity into the design process. We create a designing partnership with each client where careful attention is given to ensure the preservation of the surrounding environment. Your natural sanctuary will have your personal touch and our expert planning to bring a unique water feature to life and our maintenance features and services will ensure the health and condition of your pond, stream, waterfall or whatever you choose.

Build :

Just as with any type of building your water feature will be constructed to withstand the changing of seasons and the most severe weather conditions. Every property is unique and we have the experience and expertise necessary to properly evaluate your grounds and plan the most optimal construction of your pond,waterfall, fountain etc. Your water feature will be built with every necessary consideration for the features of its surroundings to ensure its proper function and seamless integration into your environment.

Larry Carnes is a creative and capable pond builder. His company, Reflections Water Gardens, is Healthy Pond’s preferred Chicagoland pond contractor. The projects I refer to him are built in budget and on time. Reflections Water Gardens excels at making my clients happy. I rate their customer service as A+.

Rich Heimberger, Owner of Healthy Pond

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