Relaxing Ponds and Streams

We work with you to create a pond or stream that complements the natural features of your property.

Picture a beautiful summer day with your personal pond or stream reflecting the stunning colors of the season as you enjoy relaxing or walking along your custom pond or stream. Every water feature we create is a unique expression reflecting both the landscape it sits in and the client themselves.

Our Process

  • We examine your landscape to direct and design the water element the right way the first time
  • We make sure your stream or pond can withstand extremes in weather and seasonal changes
  • We ensure that your pond or stream is easy to maintain throughout the seasons
  • We outfit your pond or stream with plants and aquatic life that will flourish
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Our Goal

No matter if you’re just getting started or are more advanced in your experience with water gardens. Our goal is the creation of a naturally balanced, low maintenance aquatic ecosystem that allows you more relaxation time by their aquatic paradise, and less time worrying about maintenance. Our natural water gardens include a natural balance of fish, plants, aeration, filtration, and rocks and gravel. All components interact naturally with one another helping to create and maintain a sustainable, low-maintenance ecosystem.

We constructed these with every consideration for color, light availability, space and sound in creating a balanced environment where every pre-existing feature of your landscape will be considered during the planning and design stage.

We know each garden is unique in its design and creation, from ponds and natural streams to stunning stylized waterfalls. Your water feature will reflect your individual taste and be designed to suit your lifestyle while preserving the existing surroundings.

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The Definitive Guide: Natural Pools and Water Gardens

Reflections Water Gardens excels in designing and constructing beautiful natural backyard water features that sit in perfect balance with your existing landscape. We take into consideration every feature of your property and its needs while working closely with you to bring your creativity into the design process.

Read our Guide to learn more about all the things that go into dreaming, designing and building the perfect natural pool or water garden.