Water Features Design

Elegant Water Features Design & Natural Sanctuaries

Backyard water features do far more than simply enhance an existing landscape. When well water feature design and constructed, they create a variety and energy that completes your backyard environment.

We work closely with each client during the design process to ensure that every natural water feature design reflects their own taste. Our team of experts strives to bring your dream outdoor living space to life, whether it’s a waterfall, natural pool, or Koi fish pond.

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Designing Your Water Feature

At Reflections Water Gardens, we pride ourselves on our design and construction of natural backyard water features that complement existing landscapes.

In addition to waterfalls, natural pools, and Koi ponds, we also specialize in ponds and streams, water gardens, and fountains.

By combining your creativity with our expert planning and construction, we bring your backyard design dreams to life. Working closely with each client allows us to give careful attention to the preservation of the existing landscape. We take every feature of your property into consideration while partnering creatively with you to ensure your vision is realized.

Building Your Water Feature

We understand that each backyard is unique. Using our experience and expertise, we properly evaluate each landscape to plan for optimal construction of your backyard water feature design.

Additionally, each water feature design is constructed to withstand the changing season and most severe weather conditions. Your feature will be built with consideration of its surroundings for optimal function and seamless integration.

Maintaining Your Water Feature

Our dedication to proper maintenance ensures that your natural pool, koi pond, or waterfall will remain healthy for years to come.

We are dedicated to caring for your backyard water feature design and are happy to diagnose any issues or concerns that may arise. Our experts service both indoor and outdoor water features design by providing seasonal care, algae control, and fish and plant care.