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Eco-Friendly Pool Renovations: Greening Your Oasis

December 1, 2023, 0 Comments

In a world where sustainability is not just a trend but a necessity, homeowners are increasingly looking towards eco-friendly solutions in every aspect of their lives, including their backyard pools. If you’re considering giving your pool a facelift, why not do it the green way? Natural pool renovations not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of…

Natural Pool

Seasonal Natural Pool Care: Preparing for Summer and Winter

September 14, 2023, 0 Comments

Natural pools are a remarkable fusion of design and nature, offering a chemical-free, eco-friendly alternative to traditional swimming pools. They blend seamlessly with the environment, often boasting lush aquatic plants and clear, refreshing water. However, just like any other water feature, these pools require specific care as the seasons change. Let’s dive deep into the…

Understanding Water Features
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Understanding Water Features

September 4, 2023, 0 Comments

Water features come in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs. From cascading waterfalls to tranquil koi ponds, the choices are abundant. Before diving into the world of water features design, it’s essential to grasp the various options available. Fountains: Often found in courtyards and gardens, fountains are a versatile choice suitable for spaces big…

Natural Pool

The Importance of Natural Pond Maintenance: A Guide to Preserving Your Ecosystem

March 22, 2023, 0 Comments

Natural ponds are beautiful additions to any landscape, providing a serene and tranquil environment for humans and wildlife alike. However, maintaining a natural pond is crucial to ensuring its longevity, health, and ecological balance. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of natural pond maintenance and share some essential tips to keep your…

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Guide to Natural Swimming Pool Plants

September 21, 2022, 0 Comments

A point of pride here at Reflections Water Gardens is our ability to design and build natural swimming pools that offer low-maintenance tranquility and landscapes that balance functionality with beauty. Unlike traditional pools, natural pools require a living ecosystem to clean your water. This involves utilizing various plants, gravel, and filtration systems, so you don’t…

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How To Clean a Natural Swimming Pool

September 16, 2022, 0 Comments

Everyone remembers their first pool: the playful splashing, the pristine clear water, and the stench of chlorine burning your nostrils while simultaneously reminding you of the pool’s cleanliness. But a lot has changed since the first swimming pool as people are beginning to fully understand the risks of chemicals used to treat traditional pools. Reflections…

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Your Backyard Oasis: Everything You Need to Know about Natural Swimming Pools

August 1, 2022, 0 Comments

As the warm air hits Chicago, you’ve got a lot on your plate. There are family BBQs, little league games, and everyone’s least favorite: summertime pool maintenance. This year, instead of adding one more stressful task to your never-ending to-do list, it’s time to consider upgrading to a natural swimming pool. Whereas traditional pools have…

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How to Build a Green Swimming Pool

June 20, 2022, 0 Comments

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a relaxation paradise? Are you looking for ways to cool off in the summer sun without all that maintenance and chemicals? If you answered yes to these questions, then it is time to build a green swimming pool. While most people still develop traditional pools, in recent…

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5 Natural Pool Ideas for Your Backyard Oasis

January 10, 2022, 0 Comments

First popularized in Europe, natural swimming pools are starting to catch on across America. Natural pools feature a unique look, but their environmentally friendly design and customization options are significant selling points. Whether designing your natural pool this winter or dreaming of a refreshing dip in the summer, a seasoned natural pool designer can turn…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Design Your Water Garden this Winter

November 19, 2021, 0 Comments

Updated Nov. 2021 While the weather outside might be frightful, designing your backyard water garden should be delightful. Imagine your evenings enjoying the sweet tranquilities of calm water, your backyard illuminated by lightning bugs. For a moment, your backyard transforms into the perfect water landscape. Don’t let the winter blues stop you from dreaming of…