Beautiful Koi Ponds

Bring serenity to your backyard with a custom Koi pond.

When creating your pond design we work with top Koi experts in the industry to bring you the best care for your fish as well as utilizing sophisticated technology to promote the health and growth of the Nishikigoi or Japanese Ornamental Carp.

We work with Koi Experts to ensure the health of your fish

  • Landscape: We use the surrounding landscape to guide the architecture of a great Koi pond. Using the natural environment and weather conditions as a guide we can ensure that your pond will flourish into maturity.
  • Materials: A koi pond’s shape, edging materials, position, and construction techniques are created in a way to generate a desired scenic effect
  • Water Quality: Every component is carefully selected and installed. See the Detailed list below.
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Components of a Koi Pond

Skimmer: This allows water to be drawn from the surface of the pond, by collecting leaves, pollen, twigs, uneaten food and other types of floating debris.

Bottom Drain: These are particularly useful in a pond that does not have rocks on the bottom, this allows the heavy solids to be carried to the mechanical filter.

Mechanical Filter: The job of this filter is to trap solids, preventing them from clogging the Biological filter.

Biological Filter: Converts the nitrogenous wastes from the fish. This cycle is called the nitrogen cycle. These filtrations are critical to the health of your fish, we help you choose the right one.

Ultraviolet light: This is used to make algae flocculate (form into clumps), so that they can be removed by mechanical filtration.

Water & Air Pumps: Circulate water through a filter system and back into the pond. Proper back pressure and pump sizing is vital for optimal functionality.

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Reflections Water Gardens excels in designing and constructing beautiful natural backyard water features that sit in perfect balance with your existing landscape. We take into consideration every feature of your property and its needs while working closely with you to bring your creativity into the design process.

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