Larry began his career as a student of art and quickly developed a passion for landscape design that incorporates water features. He considers each unique design a piece of art that can bring joy and relaxation to every client.

Larry’s passion for his work has led to numerous awards, medals, and honors. He is recognized as a top leader in his field, and enjoys sharing his vast knowledge and passion with the landscaping community.

On the weekends, you will most likely find Larry enjoying the outdoors with his wife and german shepherds. While this is his favorite place to unwind, it’s also his favorite source of inspiration for future designs.

As daylight fades, Larry often retreats to his backyard to enjoy his water garden, amazing BBQ, and a great glass of bourbon with family and friends.



Building a water garden is a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to choose the right company to help you bring your vision to life.

First, we work with you to dream up the perfect water garden for your space.


Then, our design team creates a detailed plan that takes into account your budget, aesthetic preferences, and any other special considerations.


Finally, our experienced team of builders brings the plan to life, creating a beautiful and functional space that will provide years of enjoyment.



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  • Larry did an amazing job into transforming our deck & backyard into an amazing little Paradise of our own. The sound & beauty of the waterfalls & stream is extremely relaxing. Larry was very meticulous & diligent with the project. He was present everyday & almost placed each stone by himself! I highly recommend him for any project. He is also very courteous, pleasant & easy to work with.

    R. C.

    South Barrington, IL
  • Larry has great knowledge when it comes to the actual workings of a waterscape. His education and experience make him  an expert in design, performance and function. Waterscapes are Larry’s passion and his creations are nothing short of amazing

    Philip T. Schleifer

    L.A., Owner / Advantage 1, Inc.
  • Larry Carnes knows more about water features than anyone I have ever met. His drive to continually educate himself on best practices is a benefit to his customers.

    Quinten Bull

    L.A., Land Shapers, Inc.
  • Larry Carnes demonstrates a keen understanding of the detail necessary to create credible natural spaces that feature water. The profession needs people with his skill and passion.

    Eric Herman

    Editor / WaterShapes Magazine
  • We have had the pleasure to work with Reflections Water Gardens for the past several years at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show at both Navy Pier and within the Lake County Fair. Larry and his team have presented wonderful natural and native water feature exhibits that inspire and educate our attendees. Their craftsmanship and designs are always a show favorite.

    Tony Abruscato

  • I have worked with Larry for years and have found a rare quality in him that is missing in many others within the trade – he actually does what he says he is going to do! His work is high quality and he backs it up with dependability and passion for what he does. Add in a pleasant demeanor and a great depth of, and you come up with one of the best aquatic landscape specialists in the Chicago land area.

    Mike Robinson

    Keystone Hatcheries LLC
  • My wife and I were new to the pond hobby world, so hiring someone to put in a waterfall on our natural pond was a scary idea, but then we found Larry. He held our hand through the whole process – from inception, to completion. We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted, but Larry took our basic ideas and made them a whole lot better. In the end, I’m certain Larry put way more in than we paid for. The stream and waterfall are the center piece of our backyard. Larry is cut from the mold of “work hard and go the extra mile” – and the results show that.   We plan to have him do more work for us.

    Klaus and Stephanie

    Barrington, IL
  • We called Larry to fix water leaking from our waterfall. He found the leak, dismantled a large section of the feature, and repositioned the rocks so well that we could not tell he was even here….accept that the water fall worked! He was very nice, obviously knew what he was doing and I felt that we made the right choice by calling him. We will hire him the next time we need a water feature or any work done.

    Bill and Penny

    Crystal Lake, IL
  • Larry is very passionate about his work. He will remain on the job until it is done and works correctly. He is honest and has one of the best eyes for creating a natural looking waterfall or pool. He is also meticulous about the materials he uses and makes sure that everything is working properly. I would highly recommend Larry for any waterfall, pond or pool.


  • We were impressed with the knowledge and guidance we received from Larry throughout the project. His hands on approach and modifications during the project resulted in a beautiful pond/waterfall. We would recommend Reflections to anyone interested in a quality project at a fair price.

    George & Renata

    Inverness, IL
  • Larry Carnes is a creative and capable pond builder. His company, Reflections Water Gardens, is Healthy Pond’s preferred Chicagoland pond contractor. The projects I refer to him are built in budget and on time. Reflections Water Gardens excels at making my clients happy. I rate their customer service as A+.

    Rich Heimberger

    Owner of Healthy Pond
  • We were introduced to Larry Carnes and Reflections through The Chalet in Wilmette and are very happy that we were! Responsible for a small municipal garden with a central fountain feature (urn) that had fallen apart due to age, we were looking for a fountain feature that would provide movement and interest and removable in the winter. We met with Larry who proposed a solution that fit our needs, even recommending that we visit a fountain nearby to see something similar to what we would have. After his prompt and efficient installation, our fountain happily bubbled along all summer and is now waiting for the winter thaw to be installed again. We have received many compliments on our garden and its central bubbling feature, thanks to Larry and Reflections. We would recommend his services to anyone.

    Susan E. Shabica

    Winnetka Garden Club
  • Larry Carnes and Reflections showed the ability to have vision to maximize the space- even in small areas to make them feel like an oasis. The attention to detail from layout to stone/rock placement was and is artful and beautiful.

    Rob & Wendy

    Barrington, IL
  • Thanks for helping us when we didn’t know what to do.

    Larry and Marsha

    Harvard, IL
  • Larry is the #1 pond expert in my book. He solved a pond filtration issue I was having in a very professional manner. I highly recommend to anyone considering a pond or water feature installation to contact Larry and have the project done the right way from the start.


    Palatine, Illinois

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