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Reflections specializes in the creation of natural sanctuaries where every element of one water feature is carefully planned and selected to create an oasis of tranquility.

Award Winning Water Feature Design and Construction

Reflections Water Gardens designs and constructs beautiful back yard natural pools, water gardens, waterfalls, koi ponds, and other aquatic features that beautify your outdoor space. Our natural swimming pools, sometimes referred to as a natural swimming pond, offers a completely natural alternative to a traditional chemical pool. Reflections Water Gardens is here to tie together your outdoor aquatic space, no matter how simple or involved the project may be. Whether you are looking to add a beautiful Koi pond with a custom waterfall or incorporate a natural swimming pool into your back yard, our team will be here for you every step of the way. We proudly serve the entire Chicagoland area. Thank you.

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Why Choose Reflections

Reflections Water Gardens is a premier water feature design, build, and maintenance firm based in the Chicago land area; specializing in the creation of unique garden environments with an emphasis on water. Our naturally balanced ecosystem ponds work with nature, not against it. We pride ourselves in creating water features that appear to have always existed in their surrounding landscape. Enhance your landscape with one of our custom water features designed specifically for you. Whether you choose a pond, natural swimming pool, pondless waterfall or a rainwater harvesting system with a decorative water feature, you’ll be thrilled with the sight and sound that water brings to your landscape.

The Story of Reflections

Reflections Water Gardens was founded in 2010. Larry Carnes is the president of Reflections Water Gardens in West Dundee, IL. Larry began his career as a student of art and developed an interest in landscaping. He worked for several companies, gaining knowledge in tree care, patio design and installation, and landscape architecture. He renders concepts for his clients which are pieces of art as much as they are working designs. After assisting a pond builder in creating a unique in-ground pond/pool for his family, Larry’s landscaping interest turned to water features. Larry has taken Genesis 3 courses with Anthony Archer-Wills, learning to design and create natural looking ponds and water features. Reflections Water Gardens focuses on high-end residential and commercial projects, with naturalistic watershaping.
Larry Carnes - Reflections Water Gardens

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10 Reasons Why We Are Your Best Choice

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Award winning, custom-designed pools and water features.

Photo of specialists

True specialists in water garden design and construction.

Photo of In house craftsmen

In house craftsmen, design experts and service techs.

Photo of long lasting project

Each project built to last and mature with your landscape.

Photo of koi fish

Highly efficient “biologically maintained” pools and ponds.

Photo of hand selected materials

Hand-selected materials sourced from all around the country.

Photo of outdoor solutions

More than just water gardens, we offer “complete outdoor solutions”.

Photo of Exclusive dealer/partner

Exclusive dealer/partner with BioNova Natural Pools in the Chicagoland area.

Photo of self-sustaining water gardens

Truly natural, self-sustaining water gardens that emulate the majesty of nature itself.

Photo of an expert

Experts at creating tranquil oases that blend into the landscape as if they had always been there.

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As the air begins to turn warm and the fragrant blooms start to peak, it tends to remind people how fantastic they feel when they are outside and closer to nature. Creating a natural water feature in your backyard is a wonderful project that encourages you to spend more time outdoors.

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Creating a Beach for Your Pond

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You may have a lovely pond on your property, and while it’s beautiful to look at, you feel that you could spend more time there if there were a beach surrounding it. A beach makes water activities such as swimming, fishing, and just sunning yourself much more convenient. 

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