Pond Cleaning Services

All rock and gravel ponds should be cleaned out at least once a year.

Over the course of a year, ponds collect silts, sediments, and heavy organic matter that need to be removed. The best time clean your pond out is in the spring after fallen leaves and debris have accumulated over the fall and winter seasons. It is important to filter these materials out of your pond so that you can reduce the diseases and parasites that often occur when pond water and organic materials begin to warm up. This will also reduce nutrients that stimulate more algae growth in your pond. Overall, you will be making your pond a healthier and safer environment for your fish, while also making it more attractive.

Pond Cleaning Services
Pond Cleaning Services

How to Clean a Pond

We start the pond cleanout process by setting up portable pools to temporarily store the water from your pond in. We recycle and reuse as much of the water as possible by pumping it into the portable pools—we can recycle up to 8,000 gallons of water per site. Not only is this better for the environment by saving perfectly healthy water, but it also helps to better acclimate the fish by not stressing them with temperature or PH changes. After removing the water, we carefully inspect the fish and put them in a special container with a life support system. Protecting the fish is is one of our top priorities.

Many companies power wash the gravel and rocks, but that strips the biological film off the surfaces of the rocks and neglects to clean behind them. Instead, we use the recycled water to flush organic materials out the the rock and gravel. Next, we clean out all the filters, reconnect the pump, and clean out the water filter box. Before replenishing the pond, we make sure to trim any overgrown plants.

After everything is cleaned, we fill the pond with the remaining water recycled from the tanks while adding fresh water and water balancer at the same time, making it safe for the fish. For most ponds, depending on the conditions, we will have the water feature running when we leave.

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