Renovations and Conversion

Pond Renovations

Sometimes a poorly-built, poorly-equipped or poorly-maintained pond may suffer from any number of maladies, including leaks, persistent algae, excessive debris, unpleasant water smell, and/or unhealthy conditions for plants or fish. In these conditions, it may be best to request an estimate on a “complete renovation” of your pond. We can identify what remedies will best suit your needs. We’ll change the your pond into an elegant work of art. Contact us to schedule an estimate for a pond renovating.

Convert Your Pool

Converting your existing chemically-treated pool into a Natural Swimming Pool can be accomplished in a number of different ways. Conversion to a Natural Pool can be done on most existing swimming pools as long as there is sufficient area for the construction of the regeneration zone.

We use a proprietary biological filtration technology to convert your existing chemical pool into a one-of-a-kind Natural Swimming Pool that uses plants, not chemicals, to clarify and purify the water. To do this, we first construct a regeneration zone: a water garden consisting of a gravel bed filter in which aquatic plants are rooted hydroponically. The size and location of this regeneration zone will be customized for each project. We then modify the plumbing on your pool to move water from your pool into a BioNova™ biological FineFilter and then into the regeneration zone.

Convert Your Pool
Reflections Water Gardens Natural Swimming Pool Convert Your Pool

Custom Solutions to Converting Your Sterile Pool

There are several different approaches to converting your existing pool; some of which are shown below. We begin by modifying the existing pool vessel if necessary. We then designate an area for the regeneration zone and modify the existing plumbing to move water through our patented biological FineFilter using low flow pipes and high efficiency pumps. Finally, we plant the regeneration zone with aquatic plants specified by hardiness for your locale.

Converting your Sterile Pool; using The BioPool™ Preconfigured Regeneration Zone

In addition to fully custom-designed pool conversions and renovations, we now offer cost effective, pre-configured, vinyl liner regeneration zones. Our BioPool Regeneration Zone uses the proven, patented BioNova® technology to ensure proper water clarity and purity.

The process is simple: Excavate an area for your pre-configured regeneration zone then modify the existing plumbing to flow through the patented BioNova® FineFilter and back to the existing vessel. This method will always require a separate regeneration zone, but offers a simple solution to creating a beautifully natural body of swimmable water.

The size of your swimming pool will dictate which of three (3) pre-configured regeneration zone sizes will be used; the water gardens are built in 256 ft², 324 ft², and 400 ft² layouts.

Convert Your Pool
Reflections Water Gardens Natural Swimming Pool Convert Your Pool

The Regeneration Zone

The heart of the BioNova system is the regeneration zone, consisting of a lined water garden filled with special filtration substrate and aquatic plants. Plants used in the regeneration zone can be supplemented with decorative flowering species to create a lush, colorful aquascape. Microbes, beneficial microorganisms and the water plants ensure effective, continuous cleaning. In addition, the BioNova filtration technology employs a combination of hydraulic design techniques and the BioNova FineFilter to deliver superb water clarity and purity.