Renovations and Conversion

Pond and Pool Renovations

Rather than brand new construction, some projects call for an overhaul of existing water features.

Pond Renovations

Poorly built, equipped, or maintained natural ponds are susceptible to a number of maladies. This includes low water quality, leaks, persistent algae, excessive debris, unpleasant smells, and poor pond conditions for plants and fish. 

In these situations, it may be best to request an estimate on a complete renovation rather than a simple pond repair. Reflections will identify issues and recommend the best-suited remedies while changing your backyard pond into an elegant work of art.

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Converting Your Pool Into a Natural Swimming Pool

Most existing, chemically-treated pools can be converted into natural swimming pools. At Reflections, rely on a proprietary biological filtration technology system when building a natural pool. This technology allows us to create a natural swimming pool that relies on plants to filter the water rather than chemicals.

To do so, we first construct a regeneration zone. This zone is a water garden that consists of a gravel bed filter. In this bed, aquatic plants are rooted hydroponically and specified by hardiness for your locale. The size, appearance, and location of this zone is customized for each project.

After the regeneration zone is complete, the existing pool plumbing is modified to move water into a biological filter. To reach the regeneration zone, the water will now move through a series of low flow pipes and high-efficiency pumps.

Reflections Water Gardens Natural Swimming Pool Convert Your Pool
Convert Your Pool

What Is a Regeneration Zone?

The heart of the natural swimming pool is the regeneration zone. This zone consists of a lined water garden filled with a combination of special filtration substrate and aquatic plants.

Water plants are crucial to the regeneration zone and help to create a lush, colorful aquascape. These plants can be supplemented with decorative flowering species as well. This natural filtration system, along with microbes and beneficial microorganisms, ensures effective, continuous cleaning.

In addition, this filtration technology employs a combination of hydraulic design techniques and a biological filter to deliver superb water quality.

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