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How to Build a Green Swimming Pool

June 20, 2022, 0 Comments

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a relaxation paradise? Are you looking for ways to cool off in the summer sun without all that maintenance and chemicals? If you answered yes to these questions, then it is time to build a green swimming pool.

While most people still develop traditional pools, in recent years, people have also begun considering the environmental impacts of their lifestyle choices by building natural swimming pools.

Natural swimming pools are the perfect option for people with plenty of land that live in a warm climate and are looking for an environmentally friendly solution to cool off.

What Is a Green Swimming Pool?

Green swimming pools, also known as natural pools, are environmentally friendly alternatives to swimming pools. Rather than use harmful chemicals, green pools use plants that act as natural filter systems for your pool water.

A natural pool is “designed to imitate pools, ponds, or other bodies of water. They can have irregular shapes, along with rocks, waterfalls, and boulders.” Reflections Water Gardens works with you to design the backyard oasis of your dreams, starting by building a green swimming pool.

Unsurprisingly, natural pools are common in Europe- a continent with traditionally solid environmental regulations. The trend is just starting to pick up in the United States.

Building a green swimming pool helps protect the environment and adds a beautiful addition to your backyard when done well. Green pools are surrounded by plants (some even edible), rocks, and various buildings, so green pools look like a natural extension of your yard.

Imagine stepping into your backyard and seeing lily pads, reeds, and other beautiful plants and wildlife bound about. If you’ve got the space, a natural swimming pool is a perfect addition to turn your ordinary backyard into a living, breathing zone of tranquility.

Why Should I Build a Green Swimming Pool?

The most obvious reason to build a green swimming pool is that they have a much smaller negative impact on the environment than traditional swimming pools. 

The abundance of chemicals used to keep traditional pools clean plays a significant role in contributing to global warming, acid rain, and the depletion of the ozone layer. 

On the other hand, natural pools are chemical-free. We use plants as a biological filtration system allowing nature to run its course and protect your pool. These superior natural filtration systems keep sludge and bacteria out without harming your skin or the environment.

Natural pools are cleaned the same way Mother Nature filters and purifies natural bodies of water. Instead of being disinfected with chemicals, they are a biologically active living system with microorganisms and plant life.

Aside from the environmental benefits of natural pools, they also have lower maintenance costs. There is no need to check the pool’s pH levels as there are no chemicals, nor do you need to worry about traditional pool maintenance chores.

And that’s not even getting into the design of your green swimming pool. Instead of a distracting, out-of-place traditional pool, Reflections designs natural swimming pools as an extension of your yard and the forest. An optimal spot for relaxation.

Look no further than Reflections and our green swimming pools for a beautiful, calming, and environmentally friendly backyard.

How to Build a Green Swimming Pool

Let’s discuss the logistics of natural pools. 

How is building a green pool different from building a traditional swimming pool?

Create Zones

Natural pools stay clean by having clearly defined swimming zones and constructed wetlands. 

The pool needs to be carved into the zones, with about half of it used for swimming and the other half used for regeneration and cleaning.

Build an Overflow Channel

The overflow channel is vital for collecting debris from the water. 

Build a Filtration System

After the pool has been divided into zones, energy-efficient pipes should be installed in the regeneration zones. 

These will be used to mechanically circulate the water to break down impurities in the water. This filtration system will keep the water in the swimming zones clean and safe to swim in. 

Add Plants

Plant life is a critical part of keeping a natural pool clean. 

Each regeneration zone must be filled with specific aquatic plants that extract nutrients from the water. Water from the swimming zones will be pumped through the regeneration zones with the pipes from the filtration system. 

The biological filters made up of microorganisms, plants, and small wildlife included in the regeneration zones will purify the water before pumping it back into the swimming zones. 

Ready to Build Your Green Swimming Pool? Call Reflections Water Gardens Today.

Green swimming pools are the future of American backyards, and at Reflections Water Gardens, we work hard to design, customize and build the natural swimming pool of your dreams.

Call Reflections today and speak with an expert to start your environmentally friendly water garden journey.



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