Gorgeous Natural Pools

We work closely with you to design unique natural pools that blend in with the environment

We are also able to convert and restore existing chemically treated swimming pools into natural pools. They create a healthy, sustainable environment for your backyard, while also being picturesque and enjoyable for recreational activities.

How do Natural Pools work?

  • Natural pools do not contain any chemicals or devices
  • They are filtered and purified naturally
  • They biological processes to clean themselves
  • They have hydraulic features to aid in cleaning
  • Natural pools are a biologically active living system

Our Vision

Imagine being surrounded by water lilies and reeds as you bathe in naturally purified water while in the comfort and privacy of your backyard. You can take a refreshing, mid-summer dip without the dry skin or itchy red eyes. Natural swimming pools present a unique opportunity to have a pool in your backyard, without the harmful effects of chlorine and other chemicals to your body and the environment. With a natural pool, you get excellent water quality and gorgeous wildlife, while having lower maintenance costs than traditional pools.

Natural Swimming Pools

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Reflections Water Gardens Natural Swimming Pool

Natural swimming pools maintain themselves!

They utilize bacteria and microbes to keep the water pure, clean, and healthy for swimming in. They stay clean by having clearly defined swimming areas and constructed wetlands. Generally, half the pool is plant free for swimming and the other half is for regeneration and cleaning. The regeneration zones have small, energy efficient pipes that mechanically circulate the water to break down impurities in the same way nature does. Each of the regeneration zones has specific aquatic plants, which extract excess nutrients in the water to keep the pool clean. Water from the swimming zones pumps through natural, biological filters made up of microorganisms, plants, and small life forms to purify the water. Each natural pool has overflow channels, which collect debris from the water.

Choosing a natural swimming pool has many advantages to your personal health and the health of the environment. Reflections will work with you to design and help in natural pool construction so that it can be personalized to your specific needs and tastes.