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5 Reasons Natural Pools are Better Than Traditional Pools

August 3, 2017, 0 Comments

You are building your dream home and have decided that it needs a pool. Maybe you think a chlorinated pool will be the easiest way to go, but need to know more because it is a big decision that will affect you, your family, and the environment. Here are 5 benefits of natural pools that will make you rethink building a traditional, chlorinated pool.

  • They are not harmful to your body. Chlorine and other chemicals used to keep conventional pools clean have harmful effects on the body. Chlorine is a carcinogen that is absorbed into your skin and has been linked to cancer. It can also cause reproductive issues and birth defects. For many people, especially children, chlorine can cause asthma and other respiratory issues. Some milder but very common effects of chlorine are allergic reactions, red eyes, and dry skin. Overall, chemicals used to keep pools clean are not good for the human body. Natural swimming pools have zero chemicals. Instead, they mimic the human body by utilizing bacteria and microbes to stay clean and healthy.
  • They have less harmful effects on the environment. Chlorine used in swimming pools has a huge negative impact on the environment. It plays a significant role in contributing to global warming, acid rain, and the depletion of the ozone layer. Chlorine must be generated by a system to sanitize and oxidize the pool water. The energy used for this generator also has a significant negative impact on the environment. Natural pools have little to no environmental impact.
  • They blend in with nature. Instead of walking in your backyard and seeing artificial, bright blue water, you get a view of a natural landscape. Natural pools look like ponds and often are designed to have lily pads, reeds, and other beautiful plants and wildlife.
  • They have lower maintenance costs. Contrary to popular belief, natural pools are not any more expensive than traditional pools. The construction costs may be more than the average pool, but the lower yearly maintenance costs balance them out. Keeping up with a natural pool is far less expensive than the constant chemicals needed to keep a traditional pool clean.
  • They are less work. Without having to monitor chlorine levels and balance the pH, natural pools are a lot less work and stress than traditional pools. They are built to sustain themselves with a natural eco system, which means owners of natural pools get to lay back and enjoy themselves.



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