Natural Pool

Backyard Pond with Natural Swimming Pool and Beach

May 29, 2018, 0 Comments

This project began when a family living on the Chicago North Shore decided they wanted to completely redesign their backyard. They were yearning for a recreational pond where their kids could swim and play in the sand while remaining in the comfort of their backyard. They also wanted their backyard to be innovative, aesthetically pleasing,…


Reflections Water Gardens Featured in Quintessential Barrington Magazine

April 10, 2018, 0 Comments

DESIGNING BARRINGTON LIFESTYLES LARRY CARNES GREW UP near Barrington and as a young man, found himself interested in art, architecture, and landscape design while in school. Today, he uses those interests and honed skills in a business he owns that specializes in custom water gardens, ponds, waterfalls, and natural swimming ponds. He even creates manmade…

Koi Pond

Why You Need a Koi Pond in Your Backyard

December 8, 2017, 0 Comments

By having a koi pond in your backyard, you can bring the exotic serenity of the far east into your everyday life. Koi ponds are often created and designed to bring a relaxing and peaceful energy to homes. Koi pond owners have reported stress relief, relaxation, and higher property values as some of the incredible benefits of koi ponds.  What…

Natural Pool

How Are Natural Pools Safe and Clean to Swim In?

October 11, 2017, 0 Comments

With research suggesting the harmful environmental and health effects of traditional, chemically treated pools, more and more people are turning to alternatives, such as natural pools. They are not only better for the environment and your health, but they also more visually appealing than traditional pools. With a natural pool you get to have a…


4 Backyard Water Designs to Turn Your Yard into a Paradise

September 14, 2017, 0 Comments

Do you have dreams of living in the middle of a rain forest, far away from the rest of the world? Does the thought of being surrounded by nature sound peaceful and calming to you? Water is the best way to bring complete tranquility to your backyard. Here are 4 backyard water designs to turn…