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How Are Natural Pools Safe and Clean to Swim In?

October 11, 2017, 0 Comments

With research suggesting the harmful environmental and health effects of traditional, chemically treated pools, more and more people are turning to alternatives, such as natural pools. They are not only better for the environment and your health, but they also more visually appealing than traditional pools. With a natural pool you get to have a biologically active living system that is a perfect home for microorganisms, aquatic flora, and fauna right in your backyard!

So how do natural pools stay clean and sanitary without the use of chemicals?

This is a common question. Many people do not understand how natural pools stay sterile without the use of chemicals. There is a science behind it! Instead of using chemicals to eliminate bacteria, natural pools mimic Mother Nature and the way that natural bodies of water purify and filter themselves. They use both hydraulic and biological processes to keep the water safe and clean.

Natural pools are separated into several different clearly defined zones. There are swimming zones and constructed wetland zones. About half of the pool is generally plant free for swimming and the other half is a combination of carefully constructed regeneration zones that keep the pool clean. The regeneration zones pump water through small, energy efficient pipes. The water is mechanically circulated to break down impurities in the same way that natural bodies of water do. Each of these regeneration zones have specific aquatic plants and wildlife that extract excess nutrients from the water. The water from the swimming zones then pump through these natural, biological filters made up of microorganisms, plants, and small life forms to purify the water. Each natural pool has overflow channels, which collect debris from the water.

Now that you know the science behind how natural pools stay clean and safe, you can turn your backyard into an aquatic paradise – without harming your health or the environment!


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