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What are the Dangers of Backyard Ponds or Pools? Follow These Safety Tips

December 9, 2019, 0 Comments

Natural swimming pools and ponds add an elegant and scenic feature to any backyard. However, they also present risks for children or those who cannot swim. If you have a natural pool or pond in your backyard that has a depth of more than six inches, you should take some safety precautions to prevent an accident.

Below are some tips on how to safely enjoy your backyard pond or natural pool. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Reflections Water Gardens. We can help you create an oasis that is safe and enjoyable.

Add Fences or Hedges

While safety is the primary consideration for adding fencing around your water feature, you’ll want something that is as attractive as it is functional. A fence or hedge can help define the look and design of your pond or pool, and can also add privacy to your backyard.

If you build a natural fence, then your options are unlimited. You can use flowering bushes, shrubbery, or trees. However, a nice wooden fence can have a strong appeal in certain applications. With careful planning and professional help, you can install a fence that adds to the beauty of your water feature.

Install a Rescue Post, Buoy, and Sign

As a general rule, it is a good idea to install a rescue station near your pond. A rescue station usually has a solid post, a buoy on a long string, and a sign. Signage can include the depth of the water, prohibited activities, important information about pond wildlife and an emergency phone number. If your pond is adjacent to neighbors or public land, it is a good idea to indicate that the pond is private property and no swimming is allowed.

A sign acts as a warning to guests and family members and eliminates your liability in case someone decides to go into the pond without your permission or knowledge. Having a rescue station or signage demonstrates that you did everything you could to warn people about any dangers associated with your pond.

Install an Alarm Where Necessary

Install a simple alarm on your backdoor, fence door or at any access point to your water feature. The alarm and any additional sensors will notify you when someone is around the pool or pond.

New systems offer apps that you can install on your smartphone or other devices. So, even if you are away from the house, you can still be alerted when someone is in the designated pond area. Also, you may want to install wifi connected security cameras to monitor your backyard. These features can help bring you peace of mind when people are enjoying your pond or natural pool in your absence.

What to do When an Accident Occurs?

Despite taking safety precautions, accidents can always happen if someone is distracted, becomes ill, is intoxicated, or acts carelessly. 

If an accident occurs at your pool, Call 911 immediately, even if you believe the person is okay. Calling 911 ensures the safety of the person and reduces your liability as a property owner.

Once you have addressed the victim’s safety, you’ll want to investigate the accident to determine what happened and why. Look at the accident site, talk to witnesses, take notes and review your security footage. Since you are the property owner, you may want to talk to your attorney.

Are You Designing a Backyard Pond? We Can Help!

If you are getting ready to build a natural pool in your backyard, then Reflections can help. 

To find out more about our products and services, call us today at (815) 955-4911 for a consultation.



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