Are you dreading another frigid winter?

While a few of us are singing about letting it snow and winter wonderlands, many of us are dreading the low temperatures and high winds. To push the doldrums away you could eat an entire box of chocolates in one sitting. There’s always something new to binge-watch on Netflix. Or, to take your mind off that impending ice, you could push it out of your mind by making plans for your next summer vacation. 


You can get a box of chocolates on sale for almost nothing. (But remember that you get what you pay for and cheap chocolates always taste, well, a little cheap.) Sadly, the cost of Netflix subscriptions went up this year and the cost of a vacation to a tranquil, tropical locale could put you back a pretty penny. You may be feeling stuck, wondering how you can get the relaxation of a vacation without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Try something different by plan a staycation for Summer 2020!

You can live your best summer next year by creating your own tranquil backyard water garden and oasis! Stay home, sit by your own custom pond or water garden, eat those chocolates, read that book, and save the airfare!


Why not Consider a Beautiful, Natural Water Feature?


A custom backyard pond, natural pool or natural water feature is a fantastic way to “vacation” in your own backyard. Of course, there are a lot of things you’ll want to consider before you embark on your water garden project.

You’ll want to…

  • Preserve the ethos of the home and grounds you’ve already spent love and sweat equity to create
  • Create an oasis that reflects your personality and personal tastes
  • Work within a carefully thought-out budget to keep those costs inline
  • Get the construction underway as soon as possible!

Does that feel a little overwhelming? Well, if your not a water garden expert, it might. Water gardens aren’t DIY projects. Creating a water garden that will blend seamlessly into your space and will last for the lifetime of your home requires an expert’s guidance.  


“Don’t be afraid to ask for help” – Steve Jobs


You can do what many savvy staycationers are already doing and get help from Reflections Water Gardens.


The Benefits of Scheduling your Project Early


Didn’t your mother tell you that being “on time” is arriving five minutes early? If you wait for the spring thaw you are already behind in your quest to sit by your deliciously designed pond before the neighbors can get the plastic covers off their generic swimming pools.


Avoid Delays and Last-Minute Changes


Ever heard of that thing called Red Tape? City offices make their own hours, so it’s best to file early for those building permits. (Larry’s going to help you with those hoops, but you must budget the time.)


There will be surveying work to be done. You’ll want some of that action! Taking a few soil samples is important because just how much of this or that you have in your dirt can call for particular materials! (That’s going to factor into that money- and time-budgeting thing!)


Getting more for your Money


Preparing the perfect budget, with the corresponding calendar deadline, takes time! Of course, you’ll want to get the very best price. Searching out the right professionals and assembling their quotes take time and you won’t want to feel rushed.


Give you and your family a staycation retreat right in your own backyard. Spending some time and money to install a beautiful water garden or natural pool will keep your money in your wallet later. 


When you call Larry at (815) 955-4911 he will help you craft your water garden project from start to finish considering your need and desires every step of the way. Larry will help you Dream it, Design it and Do it! Read more about the Reflections process here.



Larry Carnes

Owner of Reflections Water Gardens

(815) 955-4911