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Why You Should Get Your Water Feature Cleaned Out This Spring

March 5, 2021, 0 Comments

After a long winter, temperatures have finally started to rise and flowers have begun to bloom, which means you can finally enjoy your water feature again.

Regardless of how ready you are for the spring season, you should be sure your water feature is ready, too. To do so, give your feature a full spring cleanout, whether it’s a Koi pond, natural pool, or water garden

Not only will you appreciate its beauty much more after it’s cleaned, but so will the surrounding environment and any fish you might have! 

Reasons to clean out your water feature in the spring

Spring is the ideal time

Without a doubt, spring is the best time of year to focus on water feature maintenance. 

Not only will choosing to do so during the spring allow you to rid the surface of any fallen leaves or debris that have accumulated, but it also allows you to avoid the summer heat.

Cleaning the feature before the summer heat descends is crucial. If the water warms before being cleaned, diseases and parasites easily form due to the heavy organic matter collected in the off-season. These make for a treacherous environment for both you and any fish you have.

It reinvigorates the environment

Water features naturally collect a large amount of silt, sediment, and heavy organic matter, especially during the fall and winter. This is true for ponds, gardens, and natural pools

In taking the time to rid your feature of these elements, you reduce and prevent algae as well as diseases or parasites that form in warmer climates. This essentially gives your feature a fresh start and helps it to function as a balanced ecosystem the way nature intended. 

Healthier fish

Your water isn’t the only thing that will get a fresh start after a spring clean-out. So will your fish, thanks to clean water and a healthier living environment.

This is especially true for Koi pond owners. The components of a Koi pond (e.g. the skimmer, mechanical and biological filters, regeneration zone, and water and air pumps) all work together to create a healthy environment for your Koi fish. By choosing to leave the materials that collect throughout the off-season, you endanger their lives by allowing parasites and diseases to survive.

It looks better

At the end of the day, a clean water feature is a beautiful water feature. 

When left dirty, water often turns brown due to the breakdown of leaves and debris, green from overabundant algae, or even black. There’s also a possibility that a strong, noxious odor will emanate from the water.

When you eliminate the chance of this type of appearance, your feature once again is the oasis you originally envisioned.

How to clean a water feature

The amount of maintenance and cleaning you can expect to undertake depends on the type of feature you have. For instance, fountains require less maintenance than a pond. Regardless of the feature, cleaning is often not easy and involves expensive equipment. 

Because no two water features are the same, each maintenance plan should be tailored to the owner’s needs. This includes water quality, filtration systems, plants, and fish care. In this instance, the best way to keep a water feature clean is to call in professionals.

At Reflections Water Gardens, our team is dedicated to keeping your outdoor water feature clean and maintaining its maximum potential and beauty. To learn more about getting your water feature professionally cleaned, reach out today.



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